Sturgeon are a Pacific Northwest specialty. These prehistoric dinosaurs roam the Columbia and Willamette Rivers and can range from just 24 inches to oversized fish that can reach 20 feet! If you want sore arms and some of the hardest pulling fishing around then a Sturgeon trip is the ticket. After fighting a couple fish most people are fatigued because they are such strong, powerful fighting fish that give you a run for your money.

When they say Sturgeon are dinosaurs it’s quite literally. Sturgeon appeared in the fossil record 200-million years ago and continue to thrive. Both green and white sturgeon are found in Columbia and Willamette rivers. Sturgeon can live to be 100-years-old, but they spawn only once every 2-8 years.

Some populations of Sturgeon migrate between the ocean and freshwater. Though we have two different species of Sturgeon, Green Sturgeon may not be targeted for retention or even catch-and-release. Only White Sturgeon are catch and release opportunities and may be kept when retention is allowed.

If you’re looking for plenty of action and a good workout then catch and release Sturgeon opportunities are the name of the game. Talk about an absolute rush watching a huge Sturgeon come flying out of the water if you’re lucky enough to get one to jump.  What’s great about these monsters is that the catch and release opportunities are year around. Make sure to bring an ice pack for your arms afterwards.

Most Sturgeon fishing is catch and release but sometimes the fish managers allow for retention. The last few years they have had retention opportunities above Bonneville Dam in January. Sometimes we are given a retention season in May in the lower Columbia near Astoria, Oregon, and even the Willamette River. Contact me for inquiries about any upcoming Sturgeon retention opportunities.


Catch and Release – Year Round
Keeper Season - TBD
**Seasons vary depending the Columbia Managers


Columbia and Willamette Rivers


Anchor Fishing


25’ Sled – 6 Guests


25’ Sled - $225 per person


$55 per seat required to book

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