Summer Chinook Salmon is definitely my favorite Salmon to target. Some of the hardest fighting Salmon the Pacific Northwest has to offer, these amazing fish start running up the Columbia later towards the end of the Spring Chinook season. Pound for pound they are the best fighting Salmon we have and they will certainly test your strength and fish fishing skills.

Summer Chinook, also known as “June Hogs”, can reach enormous size with fish caught up to 50+ lbs.  Large fish of this magnitude are few and far between but they definitely have the potential for 30-40 lbs each year. Summer Chinook are an upper Columbia strain of fish that travel many miles up river to make their way into fresh and cool feed tributaries waters. They eat as well as their Spring Chinook counter parts. 

Talk about a fish that will give you your run for your money, these absolutely stunning chrome bright Summer Chinook are a special strain only found in the Columbia System.  I’ve had Summer Chinook scream out 200+ feet of line, testing your equipment to the max, just to turn around and run straight back at you, while you're doing everything in your power to reel the slack in your line as they charge back in.

The fishing season for the Summer Chinook Salmon is always short, if we even get one. Washington and Oregon managers control the seasons and sometimes they don’t allow any harvest depending on the estimated return.  Usually we’re given from June 15th through July to have a chance of these spectacular strain of Salmon. Every year the season changes, based on run size, so act fast when and if the season managers allow us to fish.

Be sure not to miss out on the available dates as the season is short and will go fast! Message me for details and I’ll keep you posted if they do allow a season.


Late May through July




Trolling, Anchoring


25’ Sled – 6 Guests


25’ Sled - $250 per person


$55 per seat required to book

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Summer Chinook Salmon Guests

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