Guided Steelhead Fishing On Northern Oregon's Best Rivers

We will be hunting Oregon’s Winter Steelhead in search of fresh fighting chrome starting in January. Every winter any avid Steelheader’s dream is to catch the magical 20lbs Steelhead. A few lucky anglers each year will attain this 20lbs feat and be blessed to put their hands on these elusive mythical creatures. This high flying energetic fish will take your breath way.


December through April


Sandy River, Clackamas River, Wilson River, Trask River, Nestucca River, Nehalem River, North Fork Nehalem River and Kilches River


Casting, Plug Fishing, Center Pin, Bobber Fishing, Bobber-Dog Fishing, Side Drifting, and Spinners


17’ Drift Boat - 3 guests
13’ Raft - 2 guests


17’ Drift Boat - $250 per person, $225 per person when booking all 3 seats

13’ Raft - $275 per person


$55 per seat required to book

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Winter Steelhead Guests

Renowned for their acrobatics and erratic jumps, these fish are heart-pounding, adrenaline rushing fighters. Winter Steelhead is my favorite time of the year because it's a Steelheader’s paradise with anglers finding extreme pleasure in pursuing aggressive Steelhead as they swim into the tributaries.

Steelhead are native to Pacific Northwest tributaries. These fish pile into the rivers angry and willing to bite from the dead of winter through spring. After fresh rains, Winter Steelhead swarm into the tributaries as they make their way up the river to spawn. The smolts then migrate to the ocean to forage for several years and adults return to their natal streams to spawn to repeat the cycle. Some Winter Steelhead will even return to the ocean as adults after spawning which is unique to the species compared to the Salmon counterparts which die after spawning.

Sometimes very elusive and challenging, Winter Steelhead fish can test your patience and persistence and are often referred to as “fish of a thousand casts.” But the excitement of connecting with these silver bullets, famous for their line-peeling runs and spectacular acrobatic fight, is worth the early morning frost, and cold fingers. 

Ready to Make Some Memories?

Let’s go chase the hardest fighting fish this winter!